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More than any other chimney repair, a leaky chimney should never be ignored. When leaking chimneys are neglected, they continue to allow water into the chimney system, or even into your home’s structure, causing major Have Your Leaky Chimney Repaired Now IMG- Cincinnati OH- Chimney Care Companystructural damage over time. A small chimney leak that is ignored now can mean a big home repair later.

If your home has a chimney, there are several signs of a chimney leak you should be on the lookout for:

Discoloration on your chimney’s masonry.

If your chimney is turning a funny color, that can be a sure sign that water is doing damage. White staining indicates that water is penetrating the chimney’s masonry, while black, blue or green stains can indicate mold or algae growth on your chimney’s masonry due to water penetration. Rust stains down the sides of your chimney can mean a rusting and failing chimney cap or chimney chase cover.

Water pooling in the bottom of your fireplace.

A puddle forming at the bottom of your fireplace is a clear indication that water is finding its way into your chimney’s interior.

 Rusting firebox components

Rust in your fireplace means moisture is getting in somehow, likely by leaking in through your chimney. If you notice that your damper, fireplace doors or fireplace grate are rusting, your chimney should be inspected for a leak.

Cracked or spalling bricks

Masonry materials are highly porous, and the brick in your chimney will draw in moisture from rain, sleet and snow. When temperatures drop, that moisture freezes and causes the bricks to crack and crumble. If that breakdown is allowed to continue, it can lead to a larger and more problematic chimney leak, or to the structural breakdown of your chimney.

Sagging or discolored ceilings and walls

If you have water damage within your home and you think your roof might be leaking, check your chimney! Leaks around the base of the chimney can cause damage within your home, including staining on your ceiling or walls, peeling wallpaper or sagging ceilings. If left unchecked, the leak could cause wood rot and structural damage to your home’s supports.

If you notice these or any other signs of a water leak in your chimney, it is crucial to have your chimney inspected now! Any water damage will only get worse with time. Summer is the best time for chimney repairs, because the warm temperatures and sunny weather afford chimney experts the time to work and masonry materials the time to cure properly. And by scheduling your chimney repairs this summer, you can have your chimney ready to operate, and ready to resist wetter weather, before fall comes.

If your chimney is leaking, call the Chimney Care Company to schedule an appointment today! We can assess your leak and plan and execute the repairs needed to keep your home and chimney safe from further water damage.

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