Leaky chimneys and water damage repairs

While chimneys take a lot of abuse internally during the winter when your fireplace is hard at work, the exterior of your chimney also faces harsh elements all winter long and during the spring. Chimney leaks and water damage problems are very common in the spring when rain is constant. At,
Chimney Care Co. , we want to protect your chimney from water damages. Here’s what you need to know about water damage and chimney leaks.

Chimney water damage

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From the exterior, water is your chimney’s No. 1 enemy, especially in the winter. The masonry materials that most chimneys are constructed from are very porous. They absorb any water that hits the chimney when it rains or snows. In winter, when temperatures rise and fall above freezing, the water within the chimney materials freeze and thaw to cause tremendous damages to your masonry chimney.

When the water freezes and expands within your chimney’s masonry, it weakens the masonry. Water freezing within chimney masonry can cause cracks to the structure or the crown. It can also cause crumbling mortar, and masonry materials, and it can even lead to falling brick faces or chimney stones. As this freeze-thaw damage cycle continues overtime, it can have serious consequences for your chimney and home.

Chimney leaks

After a winter of harsh weather, spring’s rains bring another problem: Chimney leaks. The cracks that develop in the chimney masonry due to freeze/thaw damage can allow water to leak into your chimney. Spring chimney leaks might reveal other weaknesses of your chimney too.

Heavy winter winds or high winds during spring storms can unseat a chimney cap, which then allows water into your chimney. The flashing that seals the joint between your roofline and chimney can develop cracks or gaps. A heavy rainfall can reveal those cracks or gaps, causing water to leak into your home.

Chimney repairs

If your chimney has suffered water damage this winter or it’s showing signs of leaking this spring, then it’s time to address the chimney leaks. Overtime, chimney damage and leaks can worsen, leading to even more problems and extensive repairs. Damaged chimney masonry allows water to leak through your chimney. The masonry will continue to weaken over time, compromising the structure and safety of your chimney. Chimney leaks can lead to extensive water damage to your home’s structure too, so you should take care of them sooner rather than later.

If you are experiencing chimney leaks, then call Chimney Care Co.! We can repair your chimney’s damaged masonry, install a chimney cap, repair failing flashing, address leaks and more. Don’t wait until chimney damage or leaks do major damage to your home — call us today!

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