We have different HeatShield systems for your repairs!

Any weaknesses in your chimney’s internal masonry is a danger for your home. When heat and smoke escape from your chimney, they gain access to your home’s infrastructure. It can cause warping and damage to the structure of your home, or even a house fire. If your masonry chimney is showing wear, then Chimney Care Co. has a HeatShield product that can help.

About HeatShield

We have different HeatShield systems for your repairs - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CoWhat is HeatShield? HeatShield’s primary product is the HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant. It is a cerfractory cement product that can withstand the heat, flames, and smoke put off by a fireplace. HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant is applied to portions of the chimney where tools can reach. Whereas, HeatShield Cerfractory Foam is sprayed into place for easy application or hard-to-reach portions of the chimney. HeatShield offers other specialty chimney products include a solvent that can be applied to the interior of a chimney to break down hard-to-remove glazed creosote.

Uses for HeatShield

HeatShield has several applications for holding up your chimney and reducing the likelihood of a chimney fire. Some ways HeatShield can repair your chimney include:

  • Chimney relining – Clay tile flue chimney liners break down over time. Due to the heat and moisture from your fireplace, the tiles eventually crack and crumble. Where gaps occur in the chimney flue wall, it causes heat, smoke and burning embers to escape and damage your home’s surrounding infrastructure. HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant is usually pour down your chimney and smoothed into place using a specialized plug to fill gaps or cracks so your chimney’s liner protect your home from your fireplace’s byproducts.
  • Smoke chamber parging – Like your chimney flue, your chimney’s smoke chamber — the area just above your firebox that funnels smoke up into the chimney — can develop weaknesses to allow smoke and fire to escape your chimney. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association states that one in three chimney fires are caused by damaged smoke chambers. Even if your smoke chamber isn’t cracked, many smoke chambers are built with harsh angles to cause smoke and heat to bounce inefficiently around the chamber. This interfere with your chimney’s draft. HeatShield can be used to fill any damaged portions of your chimney’s smoke chamber and smooth angles interfere with the flow of smoke up the chimney.
  • Glazed creosote removal – For difficult-to-remove glazed creosote, HeatShield’s newest product, Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR) is the answer. PCR causes the glazed creosote to break away from the chimney liner so it can be safely swept away.

Repairing your chimney with HeatShield

Whether you have a damaged tile chimney liner, an unevenly shaped smoke chamber, or a thick coat of dangerous glazed creosote in your chimney, the Chimney Care Co. can help. Call us at 513-248-9600 today to learn more about the amazing HeatShield products we offer— and schedule your appointment now!

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