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Discover the benefits of a woodstove

Images of cold winter nights are often accompanied by visions of a glowing fire — the yellow and orange flicker of flames, woodsy smell and gentle crackling. You can enjoy the ambiance of a wood fire, along with many other benefits, when you install a wood-burning stove in your home.

Lower your home-heating bills

Woodstoves give you the option of heating the rooms you use most. Woodstoves can put out an ample amount of heat. They can be installed either freestanding or inserted into your existing open-hearth fireplace. When a woodstove is heating your main living space, you can lower the thermostat for the rest of the house. Turning your thermostat down by just one degree can lower your home heating bills by 3 percent.

The wood that powers your stove comes at a lower cost than other home-heating methods. If you harvest your own firewood, the fuel is nearly free, save your labor, tools and any fuel. Even if you purchase your firewood by the cord, wood remains a low-cost way to heat your home, costing less per BTU than oil, gas or electric heating.

Reduce your environmental impact

Among those who advocate for sustainable living, wood is the gold standard for home heating. An EPA-certified woodstove is an incredibly efficient source of heat, and produces little pollution. Because the wood would have had released the same amount of greenhouse gases had it been allowed to decay naturally, burning wood for fuel is considered to be “carbon neutral.”

Add comfort and value to your home

Nothing is quite as cozy as a woodstove. It keeps you warm on cold winter nights and creates a sense of comfort. Woodstoves and fireplace inserts can add a sense of style and design to a home. Should you decide to sell your home, a woodstove could help attract buyers who also are looking to reduce their home heating costs and their environmental impact.

Have a source of emergency heat

A long-term power outage during a winter cold snap is a scary proposition: How will you keep your family warm and keep your home’s pipes from bursting? If you have a woodstove or wood fireplace insert, your stove can provide a source of heat during a power outage. While many woodstoves do have electric blowers, they will still provide a decent source of heat during a power outage. That can help keep your home and family safe in an emergency.

If you think you stand to benefit from the installation of a woodstove or a wood-burning fireplace insert, call the experts at The Chimney Care Co. We can talk to you about the advantages of woodstoves and show you all of your woodstoves options. With The Chimney Care Co., you can be confident that you’ll find the heating source that’s right for your home!

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