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Let Chimney Care Company Keep Your Fireplace & Chimney In Peak Condition

Here at Chimney Care Company, we’ve been sweeping and cleaning chimneys in the greater Cincinnati area for over twenty-five years, and we’ve seen the difference that an annual sweep can make in the lifetime and enjoyment of the chimney and fireplace.


With each fire that you enjoy in your fireplace, creosote and soot are produced, and can build up on the inside of your chimney system. Creosote, which is a highly-flammable substance, can be controlled by regular sweepings — but as time goes by, neglected creosote can cook to the walls of the flue, making it incredibly dangerous and difficult to remove. Not only is creosote highly flammable, it can restrict air flow and lead to problems with efficiency and smoke. That’s where Chimney Care Company comes in.
When we sweep your system, we remove creosote and scheduling regular sweepings helps keep creosote from reaching dangerous levels, and can keep your entire system working as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Not only can annual sweeping keep your system looking and working great, but it can also alert you to any potential problems within the system. If we notice any damage or issues with your chimney or fireplace during our sweeping, we will provide you with recommendations and options that will help you make the best decision for you and your budget. We will also evaluate the firebox and flue for size compatibility, and check for any inefficiency in the system.

What If I Rarely Use My Chimney and Fireplace?


No matter how frequently or infrequently a chimney gets used, it requires maintenance. Regardless of use, time and exposure to the elements can cause chimneys to deteriorate and decay. Many chimneys — both used and unused — experience water-damage, which can significantly shorten their lifespan. When water gets into a chimney, it can lead to lime-leaching and spalling, leaving gaps and holes in the foundation. All of these water-related issues can crack and crumble the chimney, leaving it structurally unsound and dangerous. But the good news is: when the experts at Chimney Care Company sweep and clean your chimney, we can detect the early signs of water damage and take the proper precautions before any serious structural damage is done. This can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in water-damage repairs. Sweeping also allows us to check for any flue obstructions that may be causing efficiency issues or putting you at risk for a fire.

We Can Also Sweep Your Furnace Flue!

Just like your chimney flue, your furnace flue should be regularly swept to remove byproducts and ensure efficiency and durability. You may be under the impression that your furnace flue is regularly cleaned by your fuel provider. Unfortunately, that is rarely true. If you haven’t had your furnace flue professionally swept lately, be sure to give us a call! We know flues!

Call Chimney Care Company, Today!

Even though chimney sweeping can be a dirty job, we pride ourselves on our cleanliness, and guarantee a dust-free, mess-free service! We make use of drop cloths, tarps, and a high-speed vacuum, always taking care to clean up after ourselves. We use the same level of care and cleanliness on every job – whether we’re cleaning a chimney flue, a furnace flue or a dryer vent. We know how hard you work to keep your living space and yard looking beautiful, and we promise to treat your home with respect.

Don’t wait until you’re experiencing problems with your chimney system or furnace flue– schedule your sweeping today! We guarantee that our sweeps will get the job done right the first time!


When you have your chimney inspected by our trained and experienced crews, you can be sure that is a chimney service you don’t have to worry about anymore.


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Thank you! I really appreciated the excellent service you provided while cleaning and inspecting my fireplace. Particularly impressive were: Your conscious effort to ensure upon completion of the job that my living room was exactly the way you found it when you arrived. Your willingness to explain the details of the fireplace and its operation. Your frankness in recommending additional repairs and the thorough explanation of each one. I will without hesitation refer you to others needing your services.
~ Steve C.


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