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Why Would I Need A Chimney Inspection?


There are several reasons that you may want or need a chimney inspection, but the most common reasons are for insurance or real estate purposes. There are three levels of inspections, all of which we are proficient in. These inspections are chosen based on how deep and invasive the inspection must be in order to get a solid understanding of the chimney system’s condition.

Peace Of Mind:
One of the most common reasons for scheduling an annual chimney inspection is that it can give you peace of mind that your chimney system is working properly and efficiently. An annual inspection will alert you to any hidden problems, and can also let you know whether or not it’s time for a sweeping.


Insurance Reasons:
It seems that you can live just about anywhere and have wicked storms and extreme temperatures these days. But, across the country, with strong storms and high winds often comes extensive chimney damage. If you have your chimney swept and inspected annually, a chimney inspection after a storm will reveal directly-linked damages. At Chimney Care Company, we have extensive experience with inspections that are conducted for insurance purposes. In addition to the full report you will receive after an inspection, we provide photographic evidence of any damage or possible issues within the entire system. We know what to document and how, to make sure you are protected and get the money you need to fix the damages.

Real Estate Reasons:
Another common reason people request chimney inspections is for real estate purposes. Moving can be a very stressful and even scary experience. There are often fears and doubts about unknown issues that may arise after the purchase or sale of a property. At Chimney Care Company, we understand this concern and want to put your mind at ease in any way we can. That’s why we offer thorough chimney inspections before the purchase or sale of a home. Having your chimney system professionally inspected before you purchase a home can save you from surprise expenses in the future, and may even sway your entire purchasing decision. If we do discover significant and costly damage in the chimney system, you may be able to get the seller or real estate agent to reduce the overall price of the home, freeing up the money you will have to put into chimney repair.

Chimney inspections can also be useful for the seller, as they give your potential buyers confidence in the safety of the home they are considering. They also protect the seller from any blame or accusations in the future regarding any chimney issues. For more information on our Real Estate Inspections, please click here.

Regardless of your reasoning, chimney inspections can be incredibly beneficial when done properly and documented thoroughly. If you live in the Cincinnati area and want to schedule your inspection, call Chimney Care Company today or click here to schedule online!


A thorough chimney inspection may disclose the need for relining your chimney to return it to safe operation. We’ll be happy to talk with you about this critical chimney repair and service.

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