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Why Would I Need My Flue Relined?

The liner of a chimney is designed to protect the masonry and surrounding combustibles from the gases and high temperatures of the fire. However, a neglected chimney liner can have a number of problems. The most common problems are:

  • Corrosion/Water damage: When water penetrates a chimney, it can cause serious damage to the liner, regardless of material. If the liner is aluminum or stainless steel, water can corrode the liner and eat holes into it. If the liner is constructed of clay, exposure to water can cause cracking. In fact, if your chimney liner is made of clay, age and use can cause cracking as well.
  • Damage from obstructions: Whenever an animal or bird nests in your chimney liner, damage can be done. Perhaps the nesting materials or foliage caused erosion or overheating and a fire in the chimney; the liner now needs repair.

Regardless of the reason for your flue’s damage, it is not something that should be neglected or ignored. With a cracked or deteriorating flue, your chimney is an inefficient and drafty fire hazard.

What Are My Options?

If your existing liner is a stainless steel or aluminum liner and is in need of replacement, we would be happy to install a new liner. Stainless steel tends to be the most durable type of liner and comes highly recommended. Read more about stainless steel liners here.

If you have a clay liner that is structurally sound but needs repair, you also have the option of using HeatShield®. HeatShield® is basically a resurfacing process that doesn’t involve any actual removal or replacement of your existing flue liner. Instead, the product coats your existing liner, filling in all gaps and cracks, and making your flue like new. This specialized product has the durability and strength of concrete and ceramic, and comes with an amazing warranty. It also gives you the option of simply patching up specific areas, or completely relining the chimney flue. For more information on HeatShield®, please click here.

How Do I Know Which Option Is Best For Me?

If you’re in the Cincinnati area, and you think you may have problems with your flue, give Chimney Care Company a call or click here to schedule online! We can use video scanning equipment to take a detailed look at the condition of your flue, and make the appropriate recommendations for repair or replacement. Call 513-248-9600 today!


Installing or replacing the chimney cap is one of the simplest things you can do to protect against the unwanted intrusion of animals, water and debris. Talk with us today about this important service for your chimney.

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