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Protect Your System & Enhance Performance With A High-Quality Damper!

Good news: Having a professionally-installed and properly-working damper can save you a lot of money in utility bills and can protect your system from animals, debris and water. Want to find out how? Keep reading!

First Things First: What Is A Damper?

A damper is basically a plate installed inside of the chimney that can be opened or closed to regulate or block air flow. In the past, dampers were solely installed in the “throat” of the chimney system, just above the smoke chamber. Although throat dampers served as well as can be expected, there are a few common problems associated with these metal-on-metal seals:


  • Throat dampers can’t provide an airtight seal: One of the main reasons for having a damper is to control the amount of air entering your system. With a metal-on-metal throat damper, air can still be lost through the chimney system when the damper is closed, and cooler outside air can also make its way into your home.
  • Metal-on-metal can rust or get stuck in place: Another downfall of throat dampers is that they frequently rust into place or get stuck, which can render them essentially useless. If your damper won’t properly close, you may be losing conditioned air and warmth through your chimney. If your damper won’t properly open, it will keep smoke from properly exiting your home through the chimney. Additionally, if your fire is starved of oxygen because your damper won’t open fully, your fire won’t burn efficiently or produce as much heat as it could otherwise. This means wasted fuel and money.
  • The location is not ideal: Because throat dampers are located down in the throat of the chimney system, they don’t offer much protection for anything other than the firebox.

What’s The Solution? Keep Your System Protected & Your Utility Bills Low With A Top-Sealing Damper


Many improvements have been made in the world of dampers, so throat dampers aren’t your only option. Here at Chimney Care Company, we regularly recommend and install energy-top or top-sealing dampers, which are installed at the top of the flue. Unlike throat dampers, energy-top dampers provide protection at the start of the chimney system, working to keep out water, air and debris with an air-tight rubber seal. These dampers have been proven to reduce heat and conditioned air loss, while offering added protection from the elements. Concerned about appearance? Energy-top dampers are designed to be discreet, and will not alter the overall appearance of your chimney system or roofline.

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If you live in or around Cincinnati, and  think you may be having a problem with your damper, don’t fret! A Chimney Care Company professional will be happy to check your damper, and replace it if necessary. Give us a call today at 513-248-9600 or click here to schedule an appointment online!


An inspection from our chimney and fireplace professionals can determine if your chase cover is providing the necessary protection from water, animals and debris.


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