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Design Your New Fireplace with the Firebuilder App!

You’ve decided to rehab your hearth with a new fireplace or warm your home with a brand new hearth this winter — congratulations! Improving your home with a new fireplace is definitely an exciting experience. There are a host of options to considers, from fireplace fuel type to firebox brick patterns to mantel material. All of those options can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to picture what the final product will look like once you have selected all of your options.
Use the Firebuilder App! - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care Company
The Chimney Care Co. can help you custom build the perfect fireplace for your home! With our new Firebuilder App, you can select all of the elements of your new fireplace and see the final product so you can envision exactly what it would look like in your hearth and your home. With the Firebuilder App, you can customize nearly every detail of your new fireplace, including:

Fuel type

Nearly any fireplace selection process begins with choosing your fireplace fuel type. That’s where you will begin when constructing your custom fireplace with our Firebuilder App. In the Firebuilder App, you will be able to choose from gas-, wood-, pellet- or electric-fueled fireplaces.

Fireplace models

Once you select your fireplace fuel type, you will be able to compare and select from our wide variety of fireplace models. We carry models from the nation’s top brands. Select your desired fireplace model, and you will be able to customize your new fireplace based on that model’s options.

Fireplace doors or fireplace face

With a wood-burning or pellet stove, you will be able to select which doors you want to outfit your fireplace with. On a gas or electric fireplace, you will be able to customize the look of your fireplace face. Choose from simple, classic lines; ornate designs; or sleek, modern styles.

Venting and operating accessories

In the Firebuilder App, you also will be able to choose the options that customize the workings of your fireplace. Based on the model of the fireplace you choose, the app will show you the varies technical options available for your fireplace. This could mean adding blowers to your wood-burning fireplace or adding a wall control panel to your gas fireplace. Nearly all models will have you select the type of venting you prefer for your new fireplace.


No hearth would be complete without a mantel. Whether you prefer a modern and sleek concrete mantel or a rustic wood-hewn mantel, the Chimney Care Co. has the perfect mantel for finishing of your new fireplace. In the Firebuilder App, you will get to see what your ideal mantel looks over your custom fireplace.

With the Chimney Care Co.’s Firebuilder App, you can design your own custom fireplace! The app will walk you through all of the options for your new fireplace and allow you to preview the finished product. Visit our website to get started today!

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We also offer chimney inspections for real estate!

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! For many home buyers, their dream home includes a fireplace. When your new home include a fireplace or a hearth appliance, a chimney inspection is a must. If your new home has a fireplace or heating stove, the Chimney Care Co. is here to help — We offer chimney inspections for real estate!

Why you need a real estate chimney inspection

We also offer chimney inspections for real estate - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CoA typical home inspection is part of every real estate transaction. You’re wondering why an additional chimney inspection is necessary. While your home inspector will take a glance at the fireplace and chimney for obvious deterioration. They aren’t trained to identify anything more than superficial problems.

A certified chimney inspector knows what to look for in a chimney and fireplace such as hidden dangers and problems. Having your chimney inspected by someone who knows chimneys will give you peace of mind. This allows you to address any potential problems during your home-buying transaction. It also saves you from endangering your new home with potential fire hazards.

What a real estate chimney inspection involves

When real estate changes hands, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends a Level 2 chimney inspection. A Level 2 chimney inspection involves a visual inspection of all accessible portions of the chimney. Your chimney sweep will access your chimney from your rooftop and firebox, and they will enter any attic, crawl spaces or utility rooms.

A Level 2 inspection also includes a video chimney inspection. This involves inserting a specialized, closed-circuit video camera up the flue of your chimney to look for signs of water damage, fire damage or other damages. Once inspection is complete, it should verify that your chimney is free of damage or deterioration, the fireplace or heating stove is operating efficiently, and the fireplace and chimney were installed properly and according to code.

Why your gas fireplace needs an inspection, too

Gas fireplaces have become the most popular option in the United States. While they might not have as many complications as traditional wood-burning fireplaces, a gas fireplace still needs a cleaning and real estate inspection, too. Gas fireplaces can malfunction, logs can deteriorate, and debris can clog burners and vents. As with other type of chimney inspection, a real estate inspection of gas fireplace ensure that it was properly installed, is fully functional and safe and efficient to use when you move into your new home.

If you’re purchasing a new home, let our team at Chimney Care Co. be the first to say congratulations! If your new home includes a fireplace, heating stove or chimney, call us to schedule your real estate chimney inspection today at 513-248-9600. 

Call us for your gas fireplace service and repair!

Is your gas fireplace acting up? When was the last time you had your gas fireplace cleaned and inspected? Homeowners love gas fireplaces because they are easy to use and very low maintenance. However, gas fireplaces can also cause problems, and they do require regular servicing. Whatever your gas fireplace needs, the Chimney Care Co. can help.

A pilot light or a burner won’t light

Call us for your gas fireplace service and repair - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care Co.Without a working pilot light, your gas fireplace won’t work. There are several reasons that pilot lights will fail to operate such as a disconnect gas line. However, the professionals at Chimney Care Co. can help you figure out the issue and get your pilot light working again.

Sometimes it’s not the pilot light that won’t ignite, it’s one or more of the burners in your gas fireplace. A nonfunctional burner affect the look and heat output of your gas fireplace. If your gas fireplace ignites, but a section of the burner isn’t providing usual flame, we can also help!

Fireplace shuts off suddenly

One of the most frustrating problems of a gas fireplace is suddenly shutting off. The pilot lights with no problems, the fire’s roaring beautifully, then the fire extinguishes out of nowhere. A minor problem like a malfunctioning sensor or more serious problems like a malfunctioning part or carbon monoxide leak is likely the cause. If your gas fireplace is turning off suddenly, call us to schedule an appointment before you light another fire.

A smelly fireplace

It is very normal for your gas fireplace to emit an odor at time, particularly when the fireplace is not in use. “Normal” gas fireplace smells usually dissipate after the fireplace is in use for awhile, and they usually do not occur every time the fireplace is lit. If your gas fireplace is emitting an odor every time while used, you should have it serviced by a hearth professional.

Fireplace emits strange sounds

Gas fireplaces generally operate noiselessly. There may be the occasional “whoosh” as the fireplace ignites or a sporadic hissing as air hits the flames or gas is emitted unevenly. A persistent noise is a sign of a serious problem. However, if your fireplace is regularly making noise, call us for help.

Fireplace is dirty

A dirty gas fireplace is more than unsightly, it cause many problems with the operation of your gas fireplace. To keep your gas fireplace looking nice and operating properly, it needs to be cleaned and inspected by a certified hearth professional at least once per year. If your gas fireplace is causing problems and needs attention, call Chimney Care Co. at 513-965-9909 to schedule an appointment today!

We have different HeatShield systems for your repairs!

Any weaknesses in your chimney’s internal masonry is a danger for your home. When heat and smoke escape from your chimney, they gain access to your home’s infrastructure. It can cause warping and damage to the structure of your home, or even a house fire. If your masonry chimney is showing wear, then Chimney Care Co. has a HeatShield product that can help.

About HeatShield

We have different HeatShield systems for your repairs - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CoWhat is HeatShield? HeatShield’s primary product is the HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant. It is a cerfractory cement product that can withstand the heat, flames, and smoke put off by a fireplace. HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant is applied to portions of the chimney where tools can reach. Whereas, HeatShield Cerfractory Foam is sprayed into place for easy application or hard-to-reach portions of the chimney. HeatShield offers other specialty chimney products include a solvent that can be applied to the interior of a chimney to break down hard-to-remove glazed creosote.

Uses for HeatShield

HeatShield has several applications for holding up your chimney and reducing the likelihood of a chimney fire. Some ways HeatShield can repair your chimney include:

  • Chimney relining – Clay tile flue chimney liners break down over time. Due to the heat and moisture from your fireplace, the tiles eventually crack and crumble. Where gaps occur in the chimney flue wall, it causes heat, smoke and burning embers to escape and damage your home’s surrounding infrastructure. HeatShield Cerfractory Sealant is usually pour down your chimney and smoothed into place using a specialized plug to fill gaps or cracks so your chimney’s liner protect your home from your fireplace’s byproducts.
  • Smoke chamber parging – Like your chimney flue, your chimney’s smoke chamber — the area just above your firebox that funnels smoke up into the chimney — can develop weaknesses to allow smoke and fire to escape your chimney. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association states that one in three chimney fires are caused by damaged smoke chambers. Even if your smoke chamber isn’t cracked, many smoke chambers are built with harsh angles to cause smoke and heat to bounce inefficiently around the chamber. This interfere with your chimney’s draft. HeatShield can be used to fill any damaged portions of your chimney’s smoke chamber and smooth angles interfere with the flow of smoke up the chimney.
  • Glazed creosote removal – For difficult-to-remove glazed creosote, HeatShield’s newest product, Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR) is the answer. PCR causes the glazed creosote to break away from the chimney liner so it can be safely swept away.

Repairing your chimney with HeatShield

Whether you have a damaged tile chimney liner, an unevenly shaped smoke chamber, or a thick coat of dangerous glazed creosote in your chimney, the Chimney Care Co. can help. Call us at 513-248-9600 today to learn more about the amazing HeatShield products we offer— and schedule your appointment now!

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We Fix Leaky Chimneys!

Even the smallest chimney leak can lead to expensive repairs. The Chimney Care Co. can save your chimney from water damage. Regardless of the cause, the Chimney Care Co. can fix your leaking chimney.

Missing Chimney Caps

One of the most frequent causes of chimney leaks is a relatively simple problem to remedy: A missing chimney cap. A chimney cap sits at the very top of your chimney flue, covering your chimney opening to protect your chimney system from water and downdrafts. Many chimneys are installed without chimney caps. Chimney caps are also frequently blown off by inclement weather. The Chimney Care Co. can install a new cap on your chimney to protect your flue, your damper, and your fireplace from water damage.

Chimney Cracks

Water damage begets water damage. Most masonry is porous, meaning they absorb water every time it rains, sleets or snows. When temperatures drop, the water held inside the chimney masonry expands, causing cracks in the chimney structure. Those weak points in the chimney let water seep into your chimney interior, where it can cause more severe damage or even spread to the rest of your house. The Chimney Care Co. can fix any type of chimney crack, whether it’s tuckpointing your crumbling mortar or reconstructing a part or all of your damaged chimney.

Damaged Chimney Crown

Just like your chimney’s brick or stone sides, your chimney crown is constructed of masonry cement that absorbs water, resulting in cracks. The chimney crown surrounds the top of your chimney opening and seals the inner layers of the chimney. Water makes its way into cracked crowns and down in between the walls of your chimney. This can cause damage to the interior portions of your chimney. If the leak is severe enough, it can damage your home structure around your chimney. The Chimney Care Co. can stop water damage via the chimney crown by repairing or reconstructing your cracked crown.

Deteriorating Flashing

Flashing protects your roofline around your chimney base. These metal strips are built into your roof and into the sides of your chimney, creating a tight seal where your chimney meets the roofline. Even well-constructed flashing can fail eventually; it can pull away from the chimney base or develop cracks or holes that let water in. When chimney flashing fails, water can pour in through your roofline. It causes water spots on your ceiling, damages wallboards, and leads to rot in your home’s structure. The Chimney Care Co. can shore up your chimney by installing new flashing to replace failing flashing.

If you’re seeing water come into your home through or around your chimney, don’t ignore it! Leaking chimneys can cause major damage to your home. Call the Chimney Care Co. to fix your chimney leak and save your home from further damage!

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