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Pellet stove problems? We can fix them!

Homeowners who choose pellet stoves or fireplaces most often do so because pellet appliances are lower maintenance than wood-burning appliances. There’s no need to stack, store or haul wood. Pellet stove is automatically fed the correct amount of pellets to heat your home, even when you’re sleeping or away.

However, pellet stoves aren’t completely maintenance free. With the amount of ash and dust generated, and the number of working components they feature, pellet stoves and fireplaces require added care. If you’re having problems with your pellet stove or fireplace, the Chimney Care Co. is here to help!

Pellet stove won’t light

pellets for pellet stovePellet stoves rely on electricity for igniting, though some models feature battery backups so stoves still light in an electricity outage. If your pellet stove isn’t lighting, first check your power. If the unit is plugged in and the circuit breaker hasn’t blown, you likely need to call the professionals to inspect and repair your pellet stove’s ignition.

Lackluster burn

Another common problem with pellet stoves is a lackluster burn. If the flame of your pellet stove isn’t burning as vigorously as it normally does, or the fire is producing a lot of soot and dirtying the glass on the stove doors, then you have a problem. Pellet stove use a series of fans to draw air to fuel the fire. A low flame usually is a sign of an air problem. There could also be a clogged duct, a faulty fan or broken seals on the fireplace or stove doors. A low flame isn’t a problem that should be ignored, but you should call the professionals.

Faulty auger

The auger in your pellet stoves feeds the pellets at the right pace for your pellet stove. If your auger is turning slowly or entirely stopped, your pellet stove might need professional attention. With the stove off, you can check the auger for a stuck pellet or an influx of dust. If you can’t see a problem, call and schedule an appointment with our professionals right away.

Annual cleaning and maintenance

To keep your pellet stove or fireplace operating efficiently, the entire system needs to be swept and inspected at least once per year by a certified professional. During your annual cleaning and inspection, your sweep will clean the unit’s chimney, as well as clean away dust or ash that could interfere with the operation of it. The inspection ensure that all of the working components of your pellet stove or fireplace are in perfect working condition to heat your home this winter.

If your pellet stove isn’t working properly — whether it isn’t starting, isn’t turning off, is creating a lot of smoke or has an auger that isn’t working — call the Chimney Care Co. to schedule an appointment today! You can also call us at 513-248-9600 to schedule your annual cleaning and maintenance for your pellet stove or fireplace with us too!

Check out our showroom specials!

Longing to upgrade your hearth or add a heating stove or fireplace to supplement the heat and increase the ambiance in your home? Do you feel like a new hearth appliance just might not be in your budget right now? The Chimney Care Co. can help! We’re dedicated to meeting our customers’ hearth needs, regardless of their budgets. That’s why we offer showroom specials — dramatically discounted hearth appliances that can help you get the right fireplace, heating stove or fireplace insert for the right price!Check out our showroom specials! - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care Co.

About our showroom specials
You won’t find better discounts than Chimney Care Co. showroom specials. These quality hearth appliances are discounted by as much as 50 percent of the retail cost! You will find plenty of items at these great prices; the showroom specials section at the Chimney Care Co. is full of high-quality hearth products in great shape with plenty of life ahead of them. The Chimney Care Co.’s showroom specials are top-of-the-line products. They include discontinued models and former display models.

Showroom special products
You never know what you’ll find in our showrooms specials sections, but you’re sure to find great products at a great price! Some of the items that have been included as showroom specials in the past include:

• The Hearthstone Tuscon direct vent stove,

• The Lopi Sturbridge direct vent stove,

• The Avalon Cedar gas stove,

• The Hearthstone Bennington wood stove, and

• Much, much more!

Finding the right showroom for you
If you’re searching for a fireplace, fireplace insert or heating stove at a great price but don’t know how to start your search, the Chimney Care Co. can help! When you come in to check out our showroom specials, you will get all of the benefits of doing business with the Chimney Care Co. Our fireplace specialists can listen to your home-heating needs and help steer you toward the right hearth appliance for you. On top of our showroom specials, the Chimney Care Co. has plenty of deals and specials. With the guidance of our staff, you are sure to find the fireplace or heating stove to fit your needs and your budget.

Once you find the right hearth appliance for your home, you will benefit from the Chimney Care Co.’s excellent service! Our certified technicians can install your new fireplace, fireplace insert or heating stove the right way. When it’s time for annual cleaning or service, we can help there, too! With showroom specials from the Chimney Care Co., combined with our fantastic service, you will be enjoying that new hearth appliance you didn’t think you could afford this winter. Stop by the Chimney Care Co. today — see what great appliances and great prices are waiting for your as part of our showroom specials!

Why you should have your dryer vents cleaned annually

What in-home fire risk do the National Fire Protection Association, FEMA, the Chimney Safety Institute of America and countless home-advice experts all warn against? It is your clothes dryer. Clothes dryers are a leading cause of home fires in the United States.

Each year, clothes dryers are responsible for as many as 15,000 home fires, totaling more than $230 million in property damage. The risk of a clothes dryer fire increases each winter. So what can you do to lower your risk of a fire sparked by a clothes dryer? You should get your dryer vents professionally cleaned.

Lint buildup and your dryer

Why you should have your dryer vents cleaned annually - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CoMost homeowners assume that they take care of their dryer by cleaning the lint trap in between each load of laundry. While this is an important step to reduce your home’s risk of a clothes dryer fire, it’s not enough. As you dry your clothes, towels, and linens, lint bypasses the lint trap. The lint, still damp from the dryer clings to the walls of the dryer vent. The layer of lint covering the vent walls continues to grow as the damp lint sticks to itself. Eventually, your dryer vents become completely clogged, and that’s where the danger is.

Clogged dryer vents and fires

So how do clogged dryer vents lead to fires? When your dryer vents are clogged, your clothes dryer can’t “breathe.” Hot air builds up within the dryer and dryer vents. The dryer’s heating element then overheat and ignite, which lead to a devastating fire. The flammable lint itself can catch fire due to the extreme heat of the dryer. To avoid the risk of a fire caused by your dryer vents, the National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends having your clothes dryer vents cleaned by a professional at least once per year.

Professional dryer vent cleaning

You can perform a quick cleaning around your dryer’s vents to lessen the buildup of lint and keep your dryer running efficiently. To effectively clean your dryer vents of lint buildup, you need a professional dryer vent cleaning. Professional dryer vent technicians use high-powered rotating brushes and vacuums to clear your vents completely of lint. The rotating brushes free the lint from the walls of your dryer vents, while the vacuum sucks the loosened lint from the vents.

The risk of dryer vent fire rise each winter; don’t put your home at risk! Call the Chimney Care Co. to schedule your professional dryer vent cleaning to reduce fire risk today!

Design Your New Fireplace with the Firebuilder App!

You’ve decided to rehab your hearth with a new fireplace or warm your home with a brand new hearth this winter — congratulations! Improving your home with a new fireplace is definitely an exciting experience. There are a host of options to considers, from fireplace fuel type to firebox brick patterns to mantel material. All of those options can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to picture what the final product will look like once you have selected all of your options.
Use the Firebuilder App! - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care Company
The Chimney Care Co. can help you custom build the perfect fireplace for your home! With our new Firebuilder App, you can select all of the elements of your new fireplace and see the final product so you can envision exactly what it would look like in your hearth and your home. With the Firebuilder App, you can customize nearly every detail of your new fireplace, including:

Fuel type

Nearly any fireplace selection process begins with choosing your fireplace fuel type. That’s where you will begin when constructing your custom fireplace with our Firebuilder App. In the Firebuilder App, you will be able to choose from gas-, wood-, pellet- or electric-fueled fireplaces.

Fireplace models

Once you select your fireplace fuel type, you will be able to compare and select from our wide variety of fireplace models. We carry models from the nation’s top brands. Select your desired fireplace model, and you will be able to customize your new fireplace based on that model’s options.

Fireplace doors or fireplace face

With a wood-burning or pellet stove, you will be able to select which doors you want to outfit your fireplace with. On a gas or electric fireplace, you will be able to customize the look of your fireplace face. Choose from simple, classic lines; ornate designs; or sleek, modern styles.

Venting and operating accessories

In the Firebuilder App, you also will be able to choose the options that customize the workings of your fireplace. Based on the model of the fireplace you choose, the app will show you the varies technical options available for your fireplace. This could mean adding blowers to your wood-burning fireplace or adding a wall control panel to your gas fireplace. Nearly all models will have you select the type of venting you prefer for your new fireplace.


No hearth would be complete without a mantel. Whether you prefer a modern and sleek concrete mantel or a rustic wood-hewn mantel, the Chimney Care Co. has the perfect mantel for finishing of your new fireplace. In the Firebuilder App, you will get to see what your ideal mantel looks over your custom fireplace.

With the Chimney Care Co.’s Firebuilder App, you can design your own custom fireplace! The app will walk you through all of the options for your new fireplace and allow you to preview the finished product. Visit our website to get started today!

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We also offer chimney inspections for real estate!

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! For many home buyers, their dream home includes a fireplace. When your new home include a fireplace or a hearth appliance, a chimney inspection is a must. If your new home has a fireplace or heating stove, the Chimney Care Co. is here to help — We offer chimney inspections for real estate!

Why you need a real estate chimney inspection

We also offer chimney inspections for real estate - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CoA typical home inspection is part of every real estate transaction. You’re wondering why an additional chimney inspection is necessary. While your home inspector will take a glance at the fireplace and chimney for obvious deterioration. They aren’t trained to identify anything more than superficial problems.

A certified chimney inspector knows what to look for in a chimney and fireplace such as hidden dangers and problems. Having your chimney inspected by someone who knows chimneys will give you peace of mind. This allows you to address any potential problems during your home-buying transaction. It also saves you from endangering your new home with potential fire hazards.

What a real estate chimney inspection involves

When real estate changes hands, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends a Level 2 chimney inspection. A Level 2 chimney inspection involves a visual inspection of all accessible portions of the chimney. Your chimney sweep will access your chimney from your rooftop and firebox, and they will enter any attic, crawl spaces or utility rooms.

A Level 2 inspection also includes a video chimney inspection. This involves inserting a specialized, closed-circuit video camera up the flue of your chimney to look for signs of water damage, fire damage or other damages. Once inspection is complete, it should verify that your chimney is free of damage or deterioration, the fireplace or heating stove is operating efficiently, and the fireplace and chimney were installed properly and according to code.

Why your gas fireplace needs an inspection, too

Gas fireplaces have become the most popular option in the United States. While they might not have as many complications as traditional wood-burning fireplaces, a gas fireplace still needs a cleaning and real estate inspection, too. Gas fireplaces can malfunction, logs can deteriorate, and debris can clog burners and vents. As with other type of chimney inspection, a real estate inspection of gas fireplace ensure that it was properly installed, is fully functional and safe and efficient to use when you move into your new home.

If you’re purchasing a new home, let our team at Chimney Care Co. be the first to say congratulations! If your new home includes a fireplace, heating stove or chimney, call us to schedule your real estate chimney inspection today at 513-248-9600. 

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