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Design Your New Fireplace with the Firebuilder App!

You’ve decided to rehab your hearth with a new fireplace or warm your home with a brand new hearth this winter — congratulations! Improving your home with a new fireplace is definitely an exciting experience. There are a host of options to considers, from fireplace fuel type to firebox brick patterns to mantel material. All of those options can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to picture what the final product will look like once you have selected all of your options.
Use the Firebuilder App! - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care Company
The Chimney Care Co. can help you custom build the perfect fireplace for your home! With our new Firebuilder App, you can select all of the elements of your new fireplace and see the final product so you can envision exactly what it would look like in your hearth and your home. With the Firebuilder App, you can customize nearly every detail of your new fireplace, including:

Fuel type

Nearly any fireplace selection process begins with choosing your fireplace fuel type. That’s where you will begin when constructing your custom fireplace with our Firebuilder App. In the Firebuilder App, you will be able to choose from gas-, wood-, pellet- or electric-fueled fireplaces.

Fireplace models

Once you select your fireplace fuel type, you will be able to compare and select from our wide variety of fireplace models. We carry models from the nation’s top brands. Select your desired fireplace model, and you will be able to customize your new fireplace based on that model’s options.

Fireplace doors or fireplace face

With a wood-burning or pellet stove, you will be able to select which doors you want to outfit your fireplace with. On a gas or electric fireplace, you will be able to customize the look of your fireplace face. Choose from simple, classic lines; ornate designs; or sleek, modern styles.

Venting and operating accessories

In the Firebuilder App, you also will be able to choose the options that customize the workings of your fireplace. Based on the model of the fireplace you choose, the app will show you the varies technical options available for your fireplace. This could mean adding blowers to your wood-burning fireplace or adding a wall control panel to your gas fireplace. Nearly all models will have you select the type of venting you prefer for your new fireplace.


No hearth would be complete without a mantel. Whether you prefer a modern and sleek concrete mantel or a rustic wood-hewn mantel, the Chimney Care Co. has the perfect mantel for finishing of your new fireplace. In the Firebuilder App, you will get to see what your ideal mantel looks over your custom fireplace.

With the Chimney Care Co.’s Firebuilder App, you can design your own custom fireplace! The app will walk you through all of the options for your new fireplace and allow you to preview the finished product. Visit our website to get started today!

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