Why you should review your chimney sweep

We live in an era of online reviews. Before most people make a purchasing or hiring decision — whether it’s deciding which restaurant to go to or which contractor to hire — they research the business to see what others have said about the business online. An online review can greatly hurt or help a business’s success.

What you might not realize is that when you provide a review of your chimney sweep, you benefit more than just the company; you help your neighbors and even yourself.

How reviews help the business

It is pretty clear that a well-reviewed business likely will do better than one with bad reviews. If you have a positive experience with your chimney sweep, you absolutely should provide them with a good online review! Providing your chimney sweep with a positive online review is a great way to support a small, local business and to thank your chimney sweep for their exemplary service.

How reviews help your neighbor

As we have observed, most people now research businesses online before they make hiring or purchasing decision. Your online review can help you neighbor to make a good decision. An honest review can help steer your neighbors to the right company, saving them from the hassle or dealing with poor service or from wasting their money all together. Additionally, your review can help your neighbor make an educated purchasing decision that they feel confident with.

How reviews help you

You might not realize it, but leaving online reviews of your chimney sweep can help you, too! Potential customers aren’t the only ones who read online reviews; the companies that are reviewed read those reviews as well. A smart company will learn from and react to those reviews. A good online review will detail honestly what you did and did not like about your chimney service. Your chimney sweep will read your honest feedback and work to improve what you did not like, which means you will see better service the next time you are in the market for chimney services.

Keep in mind that there are a few guidelines involved in writing a good online review that helps your neighbor, the business and you. Never write a review while you are upset about the service, as others will see that anger and question the fairness of your review, and the business likely will be less willing to help you resolve the issue you are upset about. Second, make describe the service in detail. Include pertinent details that will give others a clear picture of your service. Finally, make sure your review is free of grammatical and spelling errors, as well as typos. Others are less likely to take your review seriously if it is riddled with obvious mistakes.

Leaving an online review for your chimney sweep won’t take you very long, and your efforts will be appreciated by your neighbors and your chimney sweep — and hopefully, you will be rewarded with even better service in the future!

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