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Homeowners with gas fireplaces and heating stoves love their hearth appliances because they are easy to use and require little maintenance. However, if you want your system to continue to perform with optimal efficiency, you must invest in simple annual maintenance. Fortunately, Chimney Care Co. is here to help keep your gas hearth appliance running efficiently and smoothly. We tune up and clean gas appliances, too!

Why your gas fireplace requires maintenance, too

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Gas fireplaces don’t create ash or smoke compared to wood-burning fireplaces. So why does your gas fireplace need regular maintenance? First, your gas fireplace features many working components. These parts include the vents, blowers, pilot lights, and burners. as they can become blocked with debris to prevent proper function. Gaskets, seals and glass doors can also wear down to cause eventual failure. This also reduces your fireplace’s efficiency and pose dangers within your home.

While creosote is not a concern in your gas fireplace’s, the chimney can still become blocked with debris or animal intrusion. The chimney liner or structure could still break down to pose a hazard. All in all, you should get our gas fireplace or heating stove a professional cleaning, inspection, and tune up annually, as this keep your gas hearth appliance safe and efficient. Annual maintenance removes soot and debris that can degrade the look of your fireplace. Annual cleaning and inspection also ensure that your logs, firebox, and glass continue to look clean and attractive.

What gas fireplace maintenance entails

What exactly does gas fireplace maintenance entail, you might ask? First, your certified technician will clean and inspect the chimney to remove any soot, which can eat away at the chimney. We will also look and verify that there aren’t any defects, weaknesses or blockages inside your chimney to pose a hazard. Your sweep also remove the logs from your gas fireplace to thoroughly clean the logs, firebox, fireplace glass, blowers, and pilot. We want to clear all debris or dust from all parts to lessen the chance of a blockage, as it could lead to a system failure. Finally, your sweep check all of the working components. We also check the seals of your gas fireplace or heating stove to ensure that the system is working properly and safely.

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Gas fireplaces and heating stoves are low maintenance. However, while gas hearth appliances require less maintenance than their wood-burning or pellet-burning counterpart, you gas system still need annual tune-up, cleaning and inspection to ensure it stays clean, attractive, and in proper working condition year after year. Give the team at Chimney Care Co a call at 513-248-9600 to get started!

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