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Chimney Caps: Is Your Chimney Protected From Unwanted Visitors?


Chimney caps are a must if you are trying to keep your chimney free of debris, animals, and water. They are the bouncers of the chimney scene, and are typically made of copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. Most caps also come with a screen that works to keep sparks from flying out of the chimney and onto the roof or other flammable outdoor areas.

Without a chimney cap, your chimney is at risk of hosting unwanted visitors and debris, which can deteriorate masonry and cause obstructions in your flue. These obstructions, whether they are animal nests or leaves, can restrict air flow and lead to overheating, inefficiency, smoke and carbon monoxide problems, and quite possibly, fire.

Although most unwanted visitors can be humanely removed if they are discovered, Chimney Swifts, which are migratory birds, are a protected species and cannot be removed if they are found in your chimney. They typically nest from March to November, and prefer vertical nesting grounds, like chimneys, because of their body types. Installing a chimney cap on your home protects you from obligatorily hosting Chimney Swifts (which typically return to the same nesting spot annually) every summer.

Chimney Caps & Water


A capless chimney is an easy target for water, which can cause thousands of dollars in damage. When water enters the chimney, it can quickly cause lime-leaching, lime-weeping, and spalling. All of these destroy the brick and shorten the life of the masonry. A capless chimney can also allow water to seep through the chimney and spread to the walls and ceiling, causing wood-rot and drywall damage in the areas surrounding the chimney and fireplace.

What About Looks?

With all of the chimney caps on the market, from purely functional to both functional and decorative, you can truly use your cap to enhance and customize your roofline. Whether you’re drawn to the charm of decorative copper or would like something subtle and streamlined, we can help. Just let us know what your tastes and needs are, and we’ll find the perfect cap for your chimney system.

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Looking to replace a chimney cap or install one for the first time? The experts at Chimney Care Company can help you pick out the right cap for your taste and needs. Remember, prevention is much more cost-effective than treatment. Don’t put off installing a cap any longer! Call Chimney Care Company at 513-248-9600, today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


You can add protection and performance to your chimney system by installing a high-quality damper. Discuss the options with our fireplace and chimney service staff.


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