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Is Your Chase Top Providing The Protection You Need?


Whether you have a custom-designed and custom-built masonry chimney or a factory-built chimney system installed in your home, components are built into the system that are designed to keep out the chimney’s worst enemy: water.

Water intrusion, as you well know, leads to big headaches. Moisture can create foul odors, corrode and damage the interior of the chimney, and leak through into building materials to stain and damage ceilings, walls and more. All told, we want to do everything we can to keep leaks out of your chimney and out of your home.

When it comes to a factory-built or prefabricated system, one of the first lines of defense against water intrusion is the chase top. Installed at the top of the chase to divert water away from the flue opening, it makes your chimney system stronger, and it makes your chase look a lot better, too. That is, of course, when the chase top is in good shape. A rusted, corroded chase top will quickly lead to leaks, and can really take away from your home’s appearance as well.

If your chase top has seen better days, The Chimney Care Company can help — give us a call, and we’ll replace your damaged chase top with a new one that provides the protection you need and the finished look you want.

Different Materials With Different Benefitschase-cover-modified

Chase tops are constructed out of various metals, and each has specific benefits. The least expensive chase top option is galvanized metal — but galvanized metal can be relatively quick to rust and corrode. That’s why we typically recommend a stainless steel chase top.

Stainless steel chase tops are sleek and beautiful, but most importantly, they’re also incredibly durable. They’re guaranteed against rust, and will hold up to years and years of abuse from the elements.

The technicians at the Chimney Care Company can also install copper chase tops, which — like stainless steel — are highly durable, but also offer a unique and beautiful look that you can only get from copper.


How Do I Know If My Chase Top Needs To Be Replaced?

Leaks are often a tough-to-ignore indication of chase top damage. But before water makes its way in, you may notice another obvious indication: ugly rust streaks. If your chase top is rusty, or you see rust streaking down your chase, give the Chimney Care Company a call — we’ll inspect your chase, assess its state, and make recommendations for keeping your chimney system protected.

Do you need a new chase top? Call The Chimney Care Company at 513-248-9600 to make an appointment with our experienced technicians! You can also schedule online!


Whether your chimney is in need of repair or a complete rebuild, our chimney and fireplace technicians can get it done and get it done right, so give us a call.


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