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Don’t Forget To Maintain Your Furnace Flue

Why Does My Furnace Flue Need To Be Swept?

When combustion occurs, regardless of the type of fuel used, byproducts will result. Burning wood creates combustible creosote, which is what we’re focusing on removing during a traditional chimney sweeping appointment. In oil-burning furnaces, the byproducts created during combustion include carbon and sulfur deposits, usually referred to as oil soot. With gas furnaces, combustion results in minimal soot, but creates more moisture and acidic deposits, which can, over time, cause damage to flue liners.

Just like the chimney flue venting your fireplace or stove, your furnace flue needs regular maintenance in order to continue performing at its optimum level. Regular maintenance also helps extend the service life of your entire system, including the flue liner — a cleaner flue liner is a longer-lasting flue liner.

Different Flue Liners, Different Concerns

Whether your furnace flue is lined with traditional terra cotta clay tiles or stainless steel, regular maintenance is necessary. Tile liners can begin to degrade as soon as soot builds up and sulfur combines with moisture inside the flue. Stainless steel flue liners are highly durable, but they’re also susceptible to damage from sulfuric acid deposits – even a stainless steel liner can corrode when regular maintenance is deferred.

Annual sweepings by professional technicians can help minimize the degradation of your furnace flue liner, and help your flue do its job of venting combustion byproducts better and for longer.

Furnace Flue Sweeping From The Chimney Care Company

Here at the Chimney Care Company, we approach furnace flue sweeping the same way we approach fireplace or stove chimney sweeping: with a focus on professionalism, quality, dependability and cleanliness.

Trained, uniformed Chimney Care Company techs will arrive on time for your sweeping appointment, will protect the work area to ensure that we leave no mess, and will use industry-leading tools to do the best sweeping job possible. And as with our chimney sweeping services, you can expect a Level 1 inspection evaluation report as well, so you’ll be aware of the state of your system and any issues that might need attention.

Our intent is to provide a level of customer service that underlines the “Care” in our company name, and to help ensure that our clients’ heating appliances are all functioning at the highest levels of efficiency and safety possible.

Is it time to schedule your regular furnace flue sweeping appointment? Give the Chimney Care Company a call at 513-248-9600 — or click here to schedule online!


Remember to have your chimney swept on a regular basis for safe, efficient performance from your fireplace system…it’s a chimney and fireplace service you don’t want to ignore!


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Thank you! I really appreciated the excellent service you provided while cleaning and inspecting my fireplace. Particularly impressive were: Your conscious effort to ensure upon completion of the job that my living room was exactly the way you found it when you arrived. Your willingness to explain the details of the fireplace and its operation. Your frankness in recommending additional repairs and the thorough explanation of each one. I will without hesitation refer you to others needing your services.
~ Steve C.


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