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Stainless Steel Flue Liners Are Effective And Durable

Chimney performance and safety have improved drastically through the years, and chimney flue liners have played a big role in that improvement.

In the past, many masonry chimneys were built without flue liners, and that left draft-hindering craggy surfaces and cracks and gaps for heat to escape. Then chimney professionals began installing terra cotta clay tile liners, which boosted the chimney’s ability to draft and provided much-needed protection for the interior masonry and the building materials in the walls behind that masonry.

Clay tiles made decent liners, since terra cotta holds up quite well to the effects of heat, moisture and acidic deposits. But unfortunately, we have found that over time, terra cotta tiles do have their marked vulnerabilities. While the tiles stand up well against that high heat, mortar joints almost immediately begin to crack with use. And tiles themselves will crack quickly if creosote ignites in the flue, even if the fire quickly extinguishes. Typically, these chimney fires lead to the need for a complete relining.

Keeping up with routine maintenance will help a clay tile liner last longer, but moisture and acidic deposits will still have their effects, slowly eroding and eventually damaging the liner.

More often than not, when the Chimney Care Company is called to repair or replace a flue liner, we’re working with a clay tile liner. While clay tile liners made for a great step forward, our industry has continued to improve, and stainless steel liners are another step in the right direction.

The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Liners

Stainless steel flue liners are highly effective and highly durable. Without joints to crack, erode or degrade, you have a smooth and smoke-tight liner that sets the stage for a strong draft and the proper venting of combustion gases. If a confined creosote fire were to occur (which proper maintenance and cleaning can prevent), a stainless steel liner would hold up far better, and provide far more protection to your chimney (which means extensive, costly repairs are much less likely). And since stainless steel is better equipped to stand up to moisture and sulfuric acid deposits than terra cotta tile, you can expect a much longer service life out of these liners.

Durability Isn’t The Only Benefit

The techs at the Chimney Care Company often replace damaged clay tile liners with strong new stainless steel ones, but stainless steel relining can be ideal for other reasons, too.

You see, each appliance is designed to vent through a flue of a specific size, so if you have a new fireplace, stove or insert installed with an existing chimney, it’s likely that the flue will need to be resized. Stainless steel liners are the perfect solution to a resizing need. If you’ve had an appliance installed in the past and you’re experiencing draft problems (like smoke and odor), let us know — you may have an improperly-sized flue.

Feel Confident In Stainless Steel’s Longevity

One of the best things about stainless steel liners is that you can feel confident that you’ve chosen a product that will last. When installed by professionals like those at the Chimney Care Company, stainless steel liners carry a limited lifetime warranty!

If your flue needs relining, give the Chimney Care Company a call at 513-248-9600 — we can tell you all about the benefits of stainless steel liners, and install one to last! You can also request an appointment online!


Chimney relining is one of many important chimney and fireplace services we provide. We have the expertise and experience to meet all your chimney system’s needs.



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