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Even the smallest chimney leak can lead to expensive repairs. The Chimney Care Co. can save your chimney from water damage. Regardless of the cause, the Chimney Care Co. can fix your leaking chimney.

Missing Chimney Caps

One of the most frequent causes of chimney leaks is a relatively simple problem to remedy: A missing chimney cap. A chimney cap sits at the very top of your chimney flue, covering your chimney opening to protect your chimney system from water and downdrafts. Many chimneys are installed without chimney caps. Chimney caps are also frequently blown off by inclement weather. The Chimney Care Co. can install a new cap on your chimney to protect your flue, your damper, and your fireplace from water damage.

Chimney Cracks

Water damage begets water damage. Most masonry is porous, meaning they absorb water every time it rains, sleets or snows. When temperatures drop, the water held inside the chimney masonry expands, causing cracks in the chimney structure. Those weak points in the chimney let water seep into your chimney interior, where it can cause more severe damage or even spread to the rest of your house. The Chimney Care Co. can fix any type of chimney crack, whether it’s tuckpointing your crumbling mortar or reconstructing a part or all of your damaged chimney.

Damaged Chimney Crown

Just like your chimney’s brick or stone sides, your chimney crown is constructed of masonry cement that absorbs water, resulting in cracks. The chimney crown surrounds the top of your chimney opening and seals the inner layers of the chimney. Water makes its way into cracked crowns and down in between the walls of your chimney. This can cause damage to the interior portions of your chimney. If the leak is severe enough, it can damage your home structure around your chimney. The Chimney Care Co. can stop water damage via the chimney crown by repairing or reconstructing your cracked crown.

Deteriorating Flashing

Flashing protects your roofline around your chimney base. These metal strips are built into your roof and into the sides of your chimney, creating a tight seal where your chimney meets the roofline. Even well-constructed flashing can fail eventually; it can pull away from the chimney base or develop cracks or holes that let water in. When chimney flashing fails, water can pour in through your roofline. It causes water spots on your ceiling, damages wallboards, and leads to rot in your home’s structure. The Chimney Care Co. can shore up your chimney by installing new flashing to replace failing flashing.

If you’re seeing water come into your home through or around your chimney, don’t ignore it! Leaking chimneys can cause major damage to your home. Call the Chimney Care Co. to fix your chimney leak and save your home from further damage!

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