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The Convenience and Beauty of a Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces have become a popular choice among homeowners, especially those looking to add ambiance to their homes. It’s no wonder they are so popular, from installation to operation to maintenance, they are the most convenient fireplace. They also add incomparable beauty to your home.

Convenient installation

gas log fireplaceGas fireplaces are among the easiest to install. Because they don’t need to contain the intense combustion of wood-fueled hearth appliances, gas fireplaces can be installed with zero clearance to surrounding combustibles. They also require minimal venting. Some require no venting at all, which means they can be installed anywhere in the home that a gas line can be installed.

Convenient operation

Once installed, gas fireplaces are incredibly easy to operate. Flip a switch or press a button, and you have a beautiful, roaring fire. When you’re done, turn the fire off — no clean-up required. Many homeowners even choose to have their gas fireplaces wired to a thermostat. In these instances, the thermostat can be programmed so the fireplace ignites. The flames can be adjusted to the right height, and the fire extinguishes as soon as the preferred temperature is reached in your home.

Convenient maintenance

Over time, gas fireplaces remain extremely convenient. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces don’t generate messy smoke and soot that builds up in the chimney. They require less attention from a professional chimney sweep. However, they do require the occasional cleaning to keep the logs and glass looking fresh. They should be professionally cleaned and inspected once per year to keep them operating safely and efficiently. Repairs on gas fireplaces tend to be simple and inexpensive, and they tend to operate for decades without significant improvements.


Gas fireplaces are incredibly beautiful. For those who prefer a traditional look, gas fireplaces are now manufactured with very realistic looking ceramic logs, and the flames give a beautiful, natural looking yellow. Many models are even equipped with beds of faux ash and coal that have a realistic and authentic look to your fire.

When it comes to the style of the unit itself, gas fireplaces can be found to suit nearly any style. They are sleek and modern, with clean lines and burning rocks or floating flames. There are also rustic and classic models that are nearly indistinguishable from traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

If you’re ready to enjoy the convenience and beauty of a gas fireplace, call the Chimney Care Co. or stop by the Chimney Care Fireplace and Stove showroom to speak with one of our fireplace experts. We can have you relaxing near your beautiful new gas fireplace soon!

Call us for your gas fireplace service and repair!

Is your gas fireplace acting up? When was the last time you had your gas fireplace cleaned and inspected? Homeowners love gas fireplaces because they are easy to use and very low maintenance. However, gas fireplaces can also cause problems, and they do require regular servicing. Whatever your gas fireplace needs, the Chimney Care Co. can help.

A pilot light or a burner won’t light

Call us for your gas fireplace service and repair - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care Co.Without a working pilot light, your gas fireplace won’t work. There are several reasons that pilot lights will fail to operate such as a disconnect gas line. However, the professionals at Chimney Care Co. can help you figure out the issue and get your pilot light working again.

Sometimes it’s not the pilot light that won’t ignite, it’s one or more of the burners in your gas fireplace. A nonfunctional burner affect the look and heat output of your gas fireplace. If your gas fireplace ignites, but a section of the burner isn’t providing usual flame, we can also help!

Fireplace shuts off suddenly

One of the most frustrating problems of a gas fireplace is suddenly shutting off. The pilot lights with no problems, the fire’s roaring beautifully, then the fire extinguishes out of nowhere. A minor problem like a malfunctioning sensor or more serious problems like a malfunctioning part or carbon monoxide leak is likely the cause. If your gas fireplace is turning off suddenly, call us to schedule an appointment before you light another fire.

A smelly fireplace

It is very normal for your gas fireplace to emit an odor at time, particularly when the fireplace is not in use. “Normal” gas fireplace smells usually dissipate after the fireplace is in use for awhile, and they usually do not occur every time the fireplace is lit. If your gas fireplace is emitting an odor every time while used, you should have it serviced by a hearth professional.

Fireplace emits strange sounds

Gas fireplaces generally operate noiselessly. There may be the occasional “whoosh” as the fireplace ignites or a sporadic hissing as air hits the flames or gas is emitted unevenly. A persistent noise is a sign of a serious problem. However, if your fireplace is regularly making noise, call us for help.

Fireplace is dirty

A dirty gas fireplace is more than unsightly, it cause many problems with the operation of your gas fireplace. To keep your gas fireplace looking nice and operating properly, it needs to be cleaned and inspected by a certified hearth professional at least once per year. If your gas fireplace is causing problems and needs attention, call Chimney Care Co. at 513-965-9909 to schedule an appointment today!

Does Your Gas Fireplace Need Service?

As you flip the switch to ignite your gas fireplace this fall, you might be wondering: Does your gas fireplace need to be serviced? Homeowners overwhelmingly favor gas fireplaces, and it’s no wonder why. They provide a warm, glowing fire with ease and convenience. While your gas fireplace may not require the upkeep and care of its wood-burning counterpart, your gas fireplace does need service each year, too.

Why Your Gas Fireplace Needs Service

If it doesn’t produce ash, heavy smoke and creosote like a wood fire, why does a gas fireplace need service? There are two primary reasons; cleanliness and complexity.

Prized for their cleanliness, gas fireplaces still require maintenance. The fireplace itself can gather dust that can interfere with blowers or the pilot light. The ceramic logs inside will break down over time and create their own debris that can clog the working components of the fireplace. The chimney won’t fill up with dangerous creosote, but it will collect soot over time. Soot is corrosive and leads to the breakdown of the chimney pipe if it isn’t cleared away. And, of course, regular cleaning will keep your gas fireplace looking great for years to come!

There are a lot of components of a gas fireplace — from pilot lights to blowers to gaskets — that can break down or malfunction over time. If your gas fireplace isn’t in perfect operating condition, it might not light when you want it to, drive your energy bills up by not working efficiently or even put your family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s why your gas fireplace needs an annual inspection to ensure it is in good working order.

What Your Gas Fireplace Service Should Entail

So now that you know y0ur gas fireplace requires annual servicing, what should that service entail? First and foremost, your annual gas fireplace maintenance should be performed by a certified fireplace professional. The service itself includes a thorough cleaning of the chimney, blowers, gas logs and glass doors. There is also a full-system inspection to verify that the chimney is properly venting, damage free and unobstructed. We also check that the valves, gaskets, pilot, and blowers are properly functioning. Finally, we ensure that there are no signs of damage, condensation, improper ventilation or deterioration that could compromise the safe operation of the fireplace or chimney. If any problems are spotted, they should be addressed as soon as possible and before the fireplace is used again.

Now that you know your gas fireplace does require annual servicing, don’t wait to schedule an appointment! A certified professional should examine your gas fireplace before you use it this winter. To make sure your gas fireplace is ready to keep your family warm and cozy all winter long, call the Chimney Care Co. to schedule your gas fireplace service today!

Gas Fireplaces Need Service, Too!

Homeowners love their gas fireplaces because of easy operation and low maintenance. However, many homeowners mistake low maintenance for no maintenance. To keep your gas fireplace or heating stove operating safely year after year, schedule an annual cleaning and inspection!

Why do gas fireplaces need annual service?

Gas fireplaces burn very cleanly, without the buildup of soot and creosote that come with wood- or pellet-burning appliances. Nevertheless, they are still subject to buildup and deterioration. Here are some reasons your gas fireplace or heating stove needs annual service:

• Internal debris. Debris builds up within your gas fireplace or stove, where it can clog the burner, pilot or blowers and cause your appliance to look old and dirty. Dust can be a problem, but most of the debris in your fireplace comes from the logs. The ceramic logs within a gas fireplace or heating stove break down over time, leaving small chunks of debris that can cause problems.

• Glass deterioration. Gas fireplaces and stoves include heavy-duty glass doors that are made to stand up to heat over time. However, they can develop cracks or chips that can jeopardize the safe function of your gas appliance.

• Malfunctions. Gas appliances involve a lot of working components. There are blowers, gaskets, and pilots that can breakdown, malfunction or just stop working over time. Regular service of your gas appliance ensures that it keeps operating safely and efficiently.

• Ventilation. Even though the chimney to your gas fireplace or heating stove doesn’t run the risk of becoming clogged with flammable creosote like a wood-burning appliance would, the chimney still can become clogged or work improperly. Animals and debris can clog your gas chimney, and a chimney that isn’t functioning properly can cause a host of problems.

What does annual gas fireplace service involve?

Your annual gas fireplace service should include both a cleaning and inspection. Your technician should thoroughly clean the interior of your gas fireplace or heating stove, removing the logs to make sure they are in good repair and sweeping any debris out of the fireplace’s interior. The glass also should be cleaned and checked for signs of deterioration. Finally, your technician should inspect the soundness and operation of all of the components of your gas fireplace or heating stove. The chimney should be checked for damage and blockages.

Who can I call to service my gas fireplace or heating stove?

To prepare your gas fireplace or gas heating stove for the fall and winter, call the Chimney Care Co. to schedule an appointment! The Chimney Care Co. cleans, inspects and repairs nearly all makes and models of gas fireplaces and heating stoves. When you schedule your gas appliance service with the Chimney Care Co., you can be sure that your gas fireplace or heating stove is ready for safe and efficient operation this season!

Gas Fireplace Service and Repairs

Gas fireplaces, inserts and heating stoves are valued for their ease of use, but just like their wood-burning counterparts, they require regular maintenance and care, as well as occasional servicing. At The Chimney Care Co., we clean, inspect, repair and install all types of gas heating appliances! Gas Servicing

Gas appliance maintenance

Like any heating appliance, your gas fireplace, insert or heating stove should be cleaned and inspected at least once per year. The Hearth Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) recommends that gas heating appliances be inspected annually by CSIA-certified chimney sweeps like our sweeps at The Chimney Care Company. According to the HPBA, the pilot light, burners, fan, vents and thermostat should be inspected to make sure that they are all operating properly. Our technicians also will clean all components of your fireplace to keep it working well and looking its best.

Gas appliance repair

There’s nothing more frustrating than flipping the switch of your gas fireplace or heating stove on the first chilly day of fall only to find it won’t light. When that happens to you, you can call The Chimney Care Co. Our technicians service all brands and models of gas heating appliances, and we can locate the source of your problem and have your gas fireplace or heating stove ready to provide you with a winter full of comfort. While failure to light might be the most common reason for calling for gas fireplace repair, you also should have your fireplace serviced if you notice soot stains around your gas appliance, a foul odor coming from your appliance or if the fire in your fireplace or stove doesn’t stay lit once you turn it on.

Gas appliance installation

Gas fireplaces and heating stoves are becoming the most common types of heating appliances, as they can be installed virtually anywhere within the home, can be turned on with the flip of a switch or the press of a button, require little maintenance and provide a clean and efficient source of heat. At The Chimney Care Co., we can replace your old gas heating appliance, fit your wood-burning fireplace with a gas insert and install a new gas fireplace or heating stove in your home. The Chimney Care Co. carries top-of-the-line gas appliances from Hearthstone, Lopi and Fireplace Xtrordinair. Whether you are looking going for a classic looking fireplace or stove that mimics the look of a wood-burning appliance or for a clean, modern gas fireplace that will stun your home’s visitors, The Chimney Care Co. can help you find the make and model of gas appliance that fits with your vision for your home and that will provide the best heat source for your family.

If your existing gas fireplace, insert or stove needs routine cleaning and maintenance or isn’t operating properly, or if you are ready to install a new gas heating appliance in your home, call The Chimney Care Co. to schedule an appointment today!

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