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Is your gas fireplace acting up? When was the last time you had your gas fireplace cleaned and inspected? Homeowners love gas fireplaces because they are easy to use and very low maintenance. However, gas fireplaces can also cause problems, and they do require regular servicing. Whatever your gas fireplace needs, the Chimney Care Co. can help.

A pilot light or a burner won’t light

Call us for your gas fireplace service and repair - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care Co.Without a working pilot light, your gas fireplace won’t work. There are several reasons that pilot lights will fail to operate such as a disconnect gas line. However, the professionals at Chimney Care Co. can help you figure out the issue and get your pilot light working again.

Sometimes it’s not the pilot light that won’t ignite, it’s one or more of the burners in your gas fireplace. A nonfunctional burner affect the look and heat output of your gas fireplace. If your gas fireplace ignites, but a section of the burner isn’t providing usual flame, we can also help!

Fireplace shuts off suddenly

One of the most frustrating problems of a gas fireplace is suddenly shutting off. The pilot lights with no problems, the fire’s roaring beautifully, then the fire extinguishes out of nowhere. A minor problem like a malfunctioning sensor or more serious problems like a malfunctioning part or carbon monoxide leak is likely the cause. If your gas fireplace is turning off suddenly, call us to schedule an appointment before you light another fire.

A smelly fireplace

It is very normal for your gas fireplace to emit an odor at time, particularly when the fireplace is not in use. “Normal” gas fireplace smells usually dissipate after the fireplace is in use for awhile, and they usually do not occur every time the fireplace is lit. If your gas fireplace is emitting an odor every time while used, you should have it serviced by a hearth professional.

Fireplace emits strange sounds

Gas fireplaces generally operate noiselessly. There may be the occasional “whoosh” as the fireplace ignites or a sporadic hissing as air hits the flames or gas is emitted unevenly. A persistent noise is a sign of a serious problem. However, if your fireplace is regularly making noise, call us for help.

Fireplace is dirty

A dirty gas fireplace is more than unsightly, it cause many problems with the operation of your gas fireplace. To keep your gas fireplace looking nice and operating properly, it needs to be cleaned and inspected by a certified hearth professional at least once per year. If your gas fireplace is causing problems and needs attention, call Chimney Care Co. at 513-965-9909 to schedule an appointment today!

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