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Pellet stove problems? We can fix them!

Homeowners who choose pellet stoves or fireplaces most often do so because pellet appliances are lower maintenance than wood-burning appliances. There’s no need to stack, store or haul wood. Pellet stove is automatically fed the correct amount of pellets to heat your home, even when you’re sleeping or away.

However, pellet stoves aren’t completely maintenance free. With the amount of ash and dust generated, and the number of working components they feature, pellet stoves and fireplaces require added care. If you’re having problems with your pellet stove or fireplace, the Chimney Care Co. is here to help!

Pellet stove won’t light

pellets for pellet stovePellet stoves rely on electricity for igniting, though some models feature battery backups so stoves still light in an electricity outage. If your pellet stove isn’t lighting, first check your power. If the unit is plugged in and the circuit breaker hasn’t blown, you likely need to call the professionals to inspect and repair your pellet stove’s ignition.

Lackluster burn

Another common problem with pellet stoves is a lackluster burn. If the flame of your pellet stove isn’t burning as vigorously as it normally does, or the fire is producing a lot of soot and dirtying the glass on the stove doors, then you have a problem. Pellet stove use a series of fans to draw air to fuel the fire. A low flame usually is a sign of an air problem. There could also be a clogged duct, a faulty fan or broken seals on the fireplace or stove doors. A low flame isn’t a problem that should be ignored, but you should call the professionals.

Faulty auger

The auger in your pellet stoves feeds the pellets at the right pace for your pellet stove. If your auger is turning slowly or entirely stopped, your pellet stove might need professional attention. With the stove off, you can check the auger for a stuck pellet or an influx of dust. If you can’t see a problem, call and schedule an appointment with our professionals right away.

Annual cleaning and maintenance

To keep your pellet stove or fireplace operating efficiently, the entire system needs to be swept and inspected at least once per year by a certified professional. During your annual cleaning and inspection, your sweep will clean the unit’s chimney, as well as clean away dust or ash that could interfere with the operation of it. The inspection ensure that all of the working components of your pellet stove or fireplace are in perfect working condition to heat your home this winter.

If your pellet stove isn’t working properly — whether it isn’t starting, isn’t turning off, is creating a lot of smoke or has an auger that isn’t working — call the Chimney Care Co. to schedule an appointment today! You can also call us at 513-248-9600 to schedule your annual cleaning and maintenance for your pellet stove or fireplace with us too!

Maintaining your pellet stove

You likely selected your pellet stove for its ease of use: You get to enjoy the glowing flames and added warmth of a fire without having to stack and haul wood, add logs to the fire throughout the day, or have to clean large quantities of ash from a fireplace. Nonetheless, your pellet stove does require some regular maintenance to keep running as safely and efficiently as possible.

Weekly pellet stove maintenanceMaintaining-your-pellet-stove-Cincinnati-OH-Chimney-Care-Co (1)

Each week, you will need to perform some simple tasks, taking about 15 minutes of your time, to keep your pellet stove running as it was built to. First, you will need to empty the ash drawer. You will also need to inspect your stove for the presence of “clinkers,” hard deposits that form when ash melts. Clinkers can keep the fire in your burn pot from getting the oxygen it needs to burn optimally. Any clinkers will need to be removed; this can be done with a special ash rake created just for this purpose. Examine the inside of your stove for any soot buildup, and remove soot with a wire brush. You will need to clean the heat exchanger, as outlined in your owner’s manual. Check your flame to make sure that it’s burning bright yellow or white. A darker, orange flame can indicate that it’s time to call a service professional. Clean the glass so you can continue to enjoy your stove’s flame and be able to spot any potential problems.

Pellet stove maintenance tips

One of the best things you can do to keep your pellet stove running efficiently, cleanly, and safely is to burn the right fuel. Make sure you are burning quality pellets that are made from hardwood; softwood pellets create more soot as they burn, leading to cleaning and maintenance problems for your stove. Also, make sure you allow the auger tube and hopper to empty completely on a regular basis to prevent sawdust and pellet debris from building up in and blocking the feeding system. At the end of the season, empty the hopper completely, as pellets can attract moisture and lead to rust in your stove.

Regular, professional pellet stove cleaning

As with any fireplace or heating stove, you will need to have your pellet stove and chimney cleaned and inspected once a year to make sure that there is no dangerous debris built up in the system and that there hasn’t been any damage to the stove or chimney that could pose a hazard. Your technician will inspect the stove’s vents, wiring, auger, motor, switches, seals, and other important components. Your technician also will clean and lubricate the stoves motors and fans, something that is difficult for you to do on your own.
You likely selected your pellet stove for its ability to heat your home efficiently and safely. With your regular maintenance and professional annual cleaning, your pellet stove can continue to be an asset to your home for years to come.

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