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Looking for an alternative to wood? A pellet appliance might be right for you.

Do you love the warmth and glow of a wood-burning fireplace? However, do you hate the thought of hauling, stacking and storing wood? Does your wood-burning appliance sit unused because of the work involved? Are you looking for a heat source that’s comparable to the look and feel of wood, but more efficient, easier to tend, and more environmentally friendly? If so, a pellet appliance might be the perfect home-heating option for you!

Alternative To Wood - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CompanyWhat do pellet appliances burn, exactly?

You might have heard of pellet stoves, or spotted bags of pellets at the local home-improvement store. However, what exactly are pellet-stove pellets? The pellets burned for home heating are made of dehydrated, compressed sawdust. Some of this sawdust is waste put off by wood processing. This makes wood pellets an environmentally friendly option. Some pellet stoves also will burn bio-fuels, such as cherry pits or dried corn kernels.

How much work does it take to use a pellet stove?

The biggest advantage of a pellet appliance over a wood-burning appliance? The work involved in keeping the fire burning. Pellet stoves are outfitted with hoppers of varying sizes. The hoppers are filled with pellets, and an auger automatically feeds the pellets into the fire. Depending on the size of the hopper, pellet stoves can burn for anywhere from 16 hours to more than a day – without being reloaded or tended! That makes pellet appliances an excellent heating source for people who are away from home for most of the day. Not to mention those who don’t like to spend their time tending a wood fire.

How much does it cost to tend a pellet stove?

The cost per ton of pellets averages around $250, and the average home burns about 7.3 tons of pellets per year. That does make pellets slightly more expensive than wood, which costs about $200 a cord, with the average home burning 6.3 cords of wood annually. However, the gap in cost is somewhat narrowed by the efficiency of pellet stoves. Since the wood is compressed and dehydrated, pellet stoves tend to burn hotter and more efficiently than their wood-burning counterparts. The cost difference also might be irrelevant for someone who doesn’t want to fuss with a wood-burning appliance; or someone who lives in an urban area where wood is harder to come by and more expensive.

What are my pellet appliance options?

If you think a pellet appliance might be right for your home, you’ll find plenty of options! There are free-standing pellet stoves, or pellet stove inserts that can be fitted into an existing hearth or built into a brand new hearth! Pellet stoves also come with a variety of styles to fit the look and heating needs of your home. If you’re ready to learn more about pellet appliances, or find the pellet appliance that’s right for your home, stop by the Chimney Care Co. showroom and talk to our hearth experts today!

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