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Why professional certifications matter

Professional Certifications Image - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CompanyThe leading professional organizations for the hearth and chimney industry focus heavily on education. These groups know that it is important that chimney sweeps and fireplace technicians know everything they need to install, service and maintain fireplaces, heating stoves and chimneys to protect their customers and their customers’ homes. For that reason, these groups provide chimney sweeps with training courses, continuing education opportunities, conferences and plenty of information to keep sweeps’ skills sharp and make sure they stay up to date on new industry technologies, products and techniques.

Here are some of the things chimney sweeps learn as they undergo their professional certifications:

  • The science behind how wood burns within the fireplace, and how creosote develops within the chimney;
  • Industry best practices for cleaning, installing, repairing and maintaining fireplaces, fireplace inserts, heating stoves and chimneys;
  • The proper clearances for fireplaces and chimneys during installation;
  • How to select the right size heating appliance for a home;
  • How to determine if a home’s ventilation system is adequate for a new fireplace or heating stove; and
  • Codes and standards for installing fireplaces, heating stoves, vents and chimneys.

Beyond training

While training and education is the cornerstone of professional certifications, the certifications carry weight beyond that. The chimney sweeps and companies who become certified by or join the membership of industry organizations also agree to follow by those groups’ codes of ethics. That means that when you hire a certified chimney professional, you know that you are not only getting a knowledgeable professional, but also a professional who will treat you courteously and who will not take advantage of you.

Some of the things chimney sweeps agree to in signing industry codes of ethics include:

  • Following industry best practices in performing their work;
  • Adhering to local codes and manufacturers’ recommendations when installing, cleaning and servicing heating appliances;
  • Representing their company honestly to customers;
  • Educating their customers on safe operation of home-heating appliances; and
  • Behaving in a professional and respectable manner when serving as a sweep or in representing the industry or their company.

The Chimney Care Co.’s professional certifications

If you are looking for a chimney sweep you can trust, look no further than the Chimney Care Co.! We take our professional certifications and memberships seriously, and we are proud members of the CSIA, the National Chimney Sweep Guild, the HPBA and the NFPA. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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