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Keeping Animals Out of Your Chimney

With warm spring days, animals are on the prowl! This means they’re making mischief and looking for places to nest. Many animals, from squirrels and raccoons to swallows and bats, are apt to wander into your chimney. While it may seem innocuous, animals or birds in your chimney can cause a host of problems. This is why it’s important to take measures to prevent animals from entering your chimney.

The problem with animals in your chimney.

Animals in your chimney can cause problems that range from a minor inconvenience to a major headache! Birds that nest in your chimney can rustle around and make a great deal of noise. However, when they fly off, a chimney sweeping should remove any evidence of their habitation. Animals like squirrels can build large nests that can completely block off your chimney opening. This renders your chimney unusable and poses a fire hazard. At a minimum, animals in your chimney can leave behind waste and debris. At worst, they can gain entry into your home, cause damage to your chimney, become aggressive or spread diseases.

While some animals might seek refuge in your chimney, others can accidentally wander in and become trapped. Few animals, such as squirrels and raccoons, can exit the chimney once the enter it. Trapped animals can make loud, panicked sounds within your chimney, disturbing your house. Should a trapped animal die, the corpse can fill your home with a horrible, putrid smell.

Preventing animals from entering your chimney.

With all of the problems animals and birds in the chimney can pose, whether inconvenient or downright dangerous, the goal of any homeowner should be to keep animals from entering the chimney and becoming a nuisance. There are two primary tools for keeping unwanted visitors from your chimney: Chimney caps and top-sealing chimney dampers.

Most chimney flues are covered with chimney caps to keep water from pouring down the inside of the chimney. Your chimney cap should be supported by a wire cage that prevents animals or birds from accessing the flue. Some top-sealing dampers can be used for a similar purpose: Top-sealing dampers completely seal off the flue opening when the chimney isn’t in use. In some models, the damper is fitted to the chimney with a collapsible metal cage. So, when the damper is open, the chimney flue is protected from animals, birds, and debris.

Don’t leave your chimney unprotected!

Once an animal enters your chimney, it must be professionally removed. Additionally, the chimney must be swept and inspected to make sure that no debris or damage remains behind. Prevent animals from becoming a problem in the first place! Call the Chimney Care Co. to schedule an appointment today. Have your chimney fitted with a chimney cap or top-sealing damper that will prevent birds and animals from entering your chimney.

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