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If you have a fireplace or chimney, you likely know the importance of having your chimney swept and inspected at least once per year. This lowers your home’s risk of a dangerous fire and other risks. Some homeowners dread the mess of a chimney sweeping. Fireplaces are dirty places, filled with soot and ash, but a chimney sweeping shouldn’t be messy! At Chimney Care Co., we pride ourselves in providing mess-free chimney sweepings. When our team is finished cleaning your fireplace, your will find your home even cleaner than before!

Chimney Care Co – chimney sweeping

When our team arrives in your home, we protect your flooring and furnishings with drop cloths and tarps. Our first concerns upon entering a home is to not cause any mess or damage to the flooring or furniture. We do this by protecting your furniture and flooring with drop cloths and tarps so that any stray soot or dust doesn’t land on any of your furniture or floor. If any furniture is at risk for being dirtied or damaged by our work, we will move it safely out of the way.

We use high-powered brushes

Once your flooring and furniture are protected from stray mess from our chimney sweeping, it’s time to get to work. To effectively and efficiently remove the creosote and soot from your chimney walls without create an excess of dust, we use high-powered rotating brushes that quickly loosen the buildup on the inside of your chimney walls.

We clear away mess with commercial vacuums

So where does the dust and mess from your chimney sweeping go? At the Chimney Care Co., we use high-powered, commercial-grade vacuums to clear away the debris caused by the chimney sweeping. These vacuums effectively suck any creosote, dirt, and debris loosened by the high-powered chimney brushes, without allowing any dust to invade your home. With the mess trapped inside the vacuums, we take care of and dispose of the dirt, debris, and creosote, once we are finished with the sweeping.

We clean up remaining mess before we leave

Once we’re done with the sweeping and inspection, we collect our drop cloths and tarps and replace any furniture that we were moved. If any soot or dust found its way into your home, we’ll clean it all up. Our goal is to leave your house looking just as clean as when we found it.

A professional chimney sweeping is crucial to keep your home and family safe from the dangers of a chimney fire — Don’t let the fear of a mess keep you from getting one. Call Chimney Care Co. to schedule your mess-free chimney sweeping today!

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