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What is standing between your prefabricated chimney and the elements? The answer should be a chimney chase cover. Chimney chase covers can deteriorate over time, and that is when you need to address your chimney chase cover. Here is what you need to know about your chimney chase cover and keeping your chimney protected from the elements and potential water damage.

What is a chimney chase cover?

chimney chase cover A chimney chase cover is a metal piece that encloses the top of your chimney. Chimney chase covers are installed along with a prefabricated chimney to fit over the chimney opening. It prevents water from leaking in around the different layers of your chimney. Chimney pipes are vented through the chimney chase cover, and they should be topped with a chimney cap. A chimney cap prevent water from running down your chimney flues when it rains or snows.

Why do chimney chase covers need to be replaced?

If you didn’t choose a custom chimney chase cover when your fireplace and chimney were installed, chances are your chimney is topped with a galvanized steel chimney chase cover. While a galvanized chimney chase cover will do a fine job of keeping water from running down your chimney, they are prone to break down over time. Chimney chase covers made from galvanized steel generally have a five-year lifespan. After that, they begin to rust, corrode or crack. When they begin to breakdown, it can cause ugly rust streaks to stain the sides of your chimney or home. This can open your chimney and home up to the rest of the world to potential water damage and other threats.

How do you know if your chimney chase cover needs to be replaced?

To catch damage to your chimney chase cover before it can allow water to damage your home, you should be keeping a close eye on your chimney chase cover. During your annual chimney sweeping and inspection, be sure to ask your chimney sweep about the health of your chimney chase cover. Between chimney inspections, beware of signs that your chimney chase cover is breaking down. Look for streaks of discoloration on your chimney’s exterior. Inside your home, look for puddles of what within your firebox, rust or water damage to your fireplace damper and doors and moisture stains on the walls or ceiling around your chimney.

What are your options for replacing your chimney chase cover?

If your chimney chase cover is no longer protecting your chimney from water damage, you should invest in a chimney chase cover. If you’re looking for a durable chimney chase cover that will keep your chimney protected for decades, choose from beautiful copper or stainless steel chimney chase covers from us. Both of our stainless steel and copper chimney chase covers are durable, and they add a beautiful, high-end touch to your home.

If your chimney chase cover is no longer protecting your chimney, get it replaced before water seriously damage your home. Call the Chimney Care Co. to schedule an appointment to discuss a chimney chase cover replacement today!

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