Firebrick patterns for your interior fireplace

If you are looking to give your hearth a stunning makeover, one of the best ways to add style is by reconstructing your firebricks. The firebricks are the masonry component of your inner fireplace. Made from refractory cement, they insulate your fireplace. This holds in the heat from the fire so it can warm your home. This also prevents excessive heat from penetrating the part of your home’s structure that surrounds the fireplace.

While firebricks are an often overlooked component of the fireplace — unless they break down and pose a hazard — the firebricks can add a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your hearth. Altering your firebrick pattern can change the entire feel of your fireplace, providing a clean, modern look or a sophisticated design element. The trick is to choose a firebrick pattern that fits with the hearth style you’re looking to achieve.

Running bond

The running bond is a traditional masonry pattern and you’d likely recognize it immediately. The running bond pattern is achieved by offsetting each layer of firebricks by half of a brick. While this pattern is firmly traditional, you can still use a running bond to vary the look of your interior firebox by selecting bricks that are a different size or color than your current firebox.

Stacked bond

The stacked bond is seeing a surge in popularity right now. Also, it is prized for its clean, modern look. In creating a stack bond, the firebricks are placed directly on top of one another, so the seams fall in straight lines.


Herringbone has become a major trend in home décor, from tile floors and tile showers to brickwork and fireplaces. In masonry, the herringbone pattern mocks the traditional herringbone weave. To achieve that look, two rows of bricks are laid toward one another at a 45-degree angle, creating W-like-patterns in the bricks.

Split herringbone

For those who love the herringbone pattern but want something different, the split herringbone offers a fun alternative. With the split herringbone pattern, the firebricks are laid in the same manner. However, the bricks themselves are “split” to a much smaller size. The result is a more delicate, intricate-looking pattern.

Basket weave

Like the stacked bond, the basket weave is a traditional masonry pattern. It’s most often used when homeowners are looking to achieve a more rustic look in their fireplaces. To achieve the basket weave pattern, two to three bricks are placed horizontally. Then, two to three bricks above are placed vertically. The alternating pattern repeats in all directions of the design.

If you are ready to liven up the look of your hearth with new firebricks, or if your existing firebricks need to be replaced for safety purposes, call the Chimney Care Co.! Our expert masons can reline your fireplace with a beautiful firebrick pattern that turns your hearth into an eye-catching focal feature you will love to show off.

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