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Summer is the perfect time for home-improvement projects, and this includes projects for your fireplaces and chimneys too! Whether you’re restoring or enhancing your home with a new fireplace or heating stove, or you are in need of routine maintenance or repairs for your fireplace or chimney, the professionals at Chimney Care Co. can help. We offer chimney and fireplace installation, maintenance and repairs!

Fireplace Installation

Is your fireplace outdated, unsightly, inefficient or the wrong fuel type for your lifestyle? Are you looking to enhance your home with the addition of a new fireplace or heating stove? Our professionals can help you choose the right fireplace, fireplace insert or heating stove for your home. Our certified chimney technicians can install the fireplace, insert or heating stove for you.

Fireplace maintenance

When was the last time your fireplace and chimney was serviced by a certified chimney technician? All heating appliances should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Whether the purpose of your fireplace is to heat your home, or you enjoy the ambiance of your gas fireplace, wood-burning fireplace, pellet stove or any other type of heating stove. Our professionals can provide you with comprehensive maintenance your hearth appliance needs. Our certified technicians will come in and clean your entire hearth system. They will also inspect it to ensure that it’s safe and ready to use when temperatures drop.

Fireplace and chimney repair

Your fireplaces and chimneys will inevitably require repairs at some point. Whether it’s your heating stove or your fireplace insert needing a new part, the bricks are mortar joints of your chimney needing some masonry repair work. You must fix these problems before they worsen to cause harm to your family and home.

When your fireplace or chimney is in disrepair, it can cause lots of problems. Some problems are the following: burning excessive fuel, suffering leaks to the structure of your chimney and your home, or preventing heat and smoke from escaping out of your fireplace and home. No matter what kind of repair you need, the professionals at Chimney Care Co. can restore the integrity and safety of your hearth system.

Call us right now

If you are looking to upgrade your existing hearth appliance, install a new fireplace or heating stove, long overdue for your annual maintenance, or if your chimney or fireplace require repairs, call the our certified technicians to schedule your appointment today!

Firebrick patterns for your interior fireplace

If you are looking to give your hearth a stunning makeover, one of the best ways to add style is by reconstructing your firebricks. The firebricks are the masonry component of your inner fireplace. Made from refractory cement, they insulate your fireplace. This holds in the heat from the fire so it can warm your home. This also prevents excessive heat from penetrating the part of your home’s structure that surrounds the fireplace.

While firebricks are an often overlooked component of the fireplace — unless they break down and pose a hazard — the firebricks can add a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your hearth. Altering your firebrick pattern can change the entire feel of your fireplace, providing a clean, modern look or a sophisticated design element. The trick is to choose a firebrick pattern that fits with the hearth style you’re looking to achieve.

Running bond

The running bond is a traditional masonry pattern and you’d likely recognize it immediately. The running bond pattern is achieved by offsetting each layer of firebricks by half of a brick. While this pattern is firmly traditional, you can still use a running bond to vary the look of your interior firebox by selecting bricks that are a different size or color than your current firebox.

Stacked bond

The stacked bond is seeing a surge in popularity right now. Also, it is prized for its clean, modern look. In creating a stack bond, the firebricks are placed directly on top of one another, so the seams fall in straight lines.


Herringbone has become a major trend in home décor, from tile floors and tile showers to brickwork and fireplaces. In masonry, the herringbone pattern mocks the traditional herringbone weave. To achieve that look, two rows of bricks are laid toward one another at a 45-degree angle, creating W-like-patterns in the bricks.

Split herringbone

For those who love the herringbone pattern but want something different, the split herringbone offers a fun alternative. With the split herringbone pattern, the firebricks are laid in the same manner. However, the bricks themselves are “split” to a much smaller size. The result is a more delicate, intricate-looking pattern.

Basket weave

Like the stacked bond, the basket weave is a traditional masonry pattern. It’s most often used when homeowners are looking to achieve a more rustic look in their fireplaces. To achieve the basket weave pattern, two to three bricks are placed horizontally. Then, two to three bricks above are placed vertically. The alternating pattern repeats in all directions of the design.

If you are ready to liven up the look of your hearth with new firebricks, or if your existing firebricks need to be replaced for safety purposes, call the Chimney Care Co.! Our expert masons can reline your fireplace with a beautiful firebrick pattern that turns your hearth into an eye-catching focal feature you will love to show off.

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Give The Gift That Keeps on Giving: A Fireplace Facelift!

Are you looking for a gift that will be appreciated every day for years to come? Give a fireplace facelift!

Fireplaces are the heart of a home.

Give The Gift That Keeps on Giving A Fireplace Facelift Image - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CompanyThey provide a focal point for the home’s living space, and they serve as a place for friends and family to gather around. A fireplace that’s outdated or in disrepair, however, can leave a homeowner frustrated and embarrassed, and the fireplace itself can sit unused. That’s why a fireplace facelift provides the perfect gift! It can update the look of a home, render a fireplace once again use-able and lower heating bills. A fireplace facelift can even increase the value of a home! When you give a fireplace facelift for a holiday gift, you have a variety of options for updating the look of the fireplace to suit the gift recipient’s needs and your budget.

Some common fireplace upgrades include:

  • Fireplace repairs. Often, the problem with the fireplace is that the fireplace is showing its age. The firebox tiles crack. The hearth becomes stained. The metal grates corrode. How can you give someone a fireplace facelift?  Hiring skilled fireplace technicians to fix their fireplace’s simple cosmetic problems! This provides a restored, beautiful fireplace that is once again a pleasure to look at and that is safe for lighting a fire.
  • Fireplace accessories. Fireplace accessories can dress up the hearth and provide and instant fireplace facelift. Andirons, a quality set of fireplace tools, or a well-crafted fireplace screen are all great gift options. This is especially true when you’re looking to dress up someone’s fireplace.
  • Fireplace façade. Perhaps nothing reveals a fireplace’s age like the façade. Fireplace trends come and go, and a façade that was trendy 10 years ago can age a home. Fortunately, there are many ways to give the fireplace a facelift. That includes adding tile or veneers over outdates surfaces, changing out fireplace doors, or replacing a passé mantle. Sometimes the right coat of paint or finishing treatment can make a hearth look like new.
  • Fireplace insert. One of the most dramatic fireplace facelifts you can gift someone is a fireplace insert.  A fireplace insert can instantly change the look of the hearth. In addition, it can upgrade fireplace efficiency and lower home heating bills. An insert also can make a fireplace more use-able.

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