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We Use HomeSaver Chimney Relining Systems

We Use HomeSaver Chimney Relining Systems - Cincinnati OH - Chimney Care CompanyDuring these summer months our chimneys are one of the last things on our minds, as thoughts are consumed more with maintaining the garden than what is going on with our chimney. Most people don’t think often about the maintenance of not only their chimney, but also the inside lining that does so much to keep us safe. A masonry chimney, which is what most chimneys are considered to be, can be composed of brick, stone, and mortar. The inside of this structure is an inner level called the flue lining aka a chimney lining. This liner can be made of ceramic, clay, or metal, and does a lot of jobs:

  • Protection: Lining the inner walls of the chimney means that they are safe from deterioration caused by heat, gases, and other byproducts emitted by the fire. Heat not contained in a liner has been proven to catch fire to the woodwork of a house in about 3.5 hours ().
  • Longer Lifespan: Keeping the walls protected means a more stable, healthy life for the chimney with much less erosion over time. Gases released when burning a fire in your fireplace are extremely acidic, and can eat away at unprotected mortar, leaving your home open to exposure to carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases.
  • Venting Efficiency: With the correctly sized chimney lining, all of the above benefits are a given. Without the proper measurements, creosote and carbon monoxide can build up and won’t allow the same excretion of gas out of the house.

While clay or ceramic liners have been the traditional routes in the past, we have implemented use of the HomeSaver Relining System to take over when the clay liner fails to work properly due to deterioration or it never having been installed in the first place. It is a stainless steel, flexible pipe that is incredibly durable and strong, to the point that it takes 288 pounds of pressure to crush it! By far the best in the business, it can handle more than two times as much pressure as the competitors.

With a lifetime warranty that can be passed along to your home’s other owners in the future, it is a great choice for all homeowners that want to keep their chimney safe and enjoyable for many years to come. Be sure to give us a call for your annual chimney inspection and sweeping, as well as inquire about installing the HomeSaver Chimney Relining System in your home. Make appointments at Chimney Care Company.

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